Birthday Party Venues in Cebu

Updated: August 28, 2015

Sofia the First Combo Package at Sacred Heart Center (Saint Joseph Hall)

Sofia the First Combo Package at Sacred Heart Center (Saint Joseph Hall)

Cebu is one of the top places in the country that offers a wide-array of venues for your Birthday Party Celebration. You can opt to hold your event on a venue with a panoramic view, near the beach or a simple restaurant that can offer a sumptuous meal to your guests. Celebrated to make the celebrant’s day more meaningful and memorable especially if your kiddie son or daughter is still a toddler, Birthday Parties are also for the convenience of your guests who will attend the celebration. For guests, convenience means a nearby venue with a parking space and offers a delicious meal. Although some celebrations are held at home, nowadays kiddie birthday parties are celebrated at a restaurant or venue to avoid the hassle and lessen the time consumed in preparing all the items needed for a successful event – especially the cooking of food and the clean up after the party.

Below is a list of the venues we recommend based on the location, amenities, food, rates, etc. You can also read our post on 7 Unfamiliar Birthday Party Venues in Cebu.

Mandaue City Birthday Party Venues

  1. Sugbahan Restaurant
  2. Dohera Hotel
  3. Orchard Hotel
  4. Allure Hotel
  5. URL Resto Lounge / Lakwatsa
  6. Play Maze, Parkmall
  7. Margarita Family Cuisine, Robinland
  8. Cebu International Convention Center
  9. Lola Saling’s Restaurant
  10. Cityscape Hotel, Ayala Access Road
  11. Alpa City Suites, H. Cortes
  12. La Maria Pension & Tourist Inn Hotel
  13. AA’s Barbeque, A.S. Fortuna
  14. Oyster Bay Seafood Restaurant, Alang-alang
  15. Oakridge Pavilion, A.S. Fortuna
  16. Paradise Pavilion, Basak

Cebu City Birthday Party Venues

1. Hannah’s Party Place, Jakosalem
2. Maria Lina Building, Tisa
3. Sacred Heart Center
4. Montebello Villa Hotel, Banilad
5. Hotel Elizabeth
6. City Suites, Ramos
7. White Gold House
8. Elizabeth Hotel
9. Casino Español
10. Merillas Restaurant (under renovation)
11. AA’s Barbeque Guadalupe-Branch
12. Ching Palace
13. Metro Park Hotel
14. Golden Cowrie, Lahug
15. Diamond Suites
16. Mandarin Hotel
17. Royal Concourse
18. Golden Peak Hotel
19. Grand Convention Center of Cebu
20. Waterfront Hotel
21. City Sports
22. SM City Cebu (Convention Hall, Trade Center, Storyland)
23. City Sports Club
24. Talamban Leisure Center
25. Banilad Sports Club (Sandtrap)
26. Rainforest Park, Mabolo
27. Marriot Hotel, Cebu Business Park
28. Marco Polo Plaza Hotel
29. Sarrosa International Hotel
30. One Oasis Clubhouse
31. Premiere Citi Suites
32. Cebu Northwinds Hotel, Salinas Drive
33. Castle Peak Hotel, Panagdait
34. Aicila Suites, Talamban
35. Beverly View Pavillion, Beverly Hills
36. Villa Pilipino, General Maxilom
37. Chowtime Restaurant, Time Square
38. Family Choice Restaurant
39. Cafe Laguna
40. Patio Isabel
41. Escel’s Place (Benjamin’s Place), Talamban
42. Family Park, Talamban
43. Virginia Hills Clubhouse, Banawa
44. Metropolis Subdivision Clubhouse, Pit-os
45. Camella Homes Clubhouse, Talamban
46. Pristina North Clubhouse, Talamban/Canduman
47. Greenwoods Subdivision Clubhouse, Talamban
48. Rizal Museum & Library, Osmena Blvd
49. Sugbutel, North Reclamation Area
50. Sto. Niño Village Clubhouse, Talamban
51. Maria Luisa Clubhouse
52. Parilya Restaurant, SRP
53. Cafe Capriccio
54. Chateau de Busay
55. Abuhan South (Antonio’s Place), Mambaling

Lapulapu City / Mactan Birthday Party Venues

1. AA’s Barbeque Pusok-Branch
2. Mactan Yatch Club
3. Tong’s, Marina Mall
4. Clubhouse of Subdivisions
5. Shangri-la Hotel Mactan
6. Best Western Sand Bar
7. Sam’s Kitchenette
8. Costabella Resort
9. Tambuli Beach Resort
10. Nordtropic Residences
11. BE Resort
12. Maribago Bluewaters
13. Cebu Home Village Resort
14. Villa Asela
15. EGI Resort

Popular Fastfoods / Restaurants (any location)

1. Max’s Restaurant
2. Jollibee
3. McDonalds
4. Pizza Hut
5. Shakeys

Talisay City

1. Kishanta Subdivision Clubhouse
2. Garces Royal Garden

Other Locations

1. Amara Subdivision Clubhouse, Liloan – This is a prime location with 2 Function Halls, a large swimming pool and a very nice and relaxing vies of the sea. It needs an insider, a “sponsor” or someone that owns a lot inside the subdivision.
2. Genesis Valley, Consolacion
3. Orosia Restaurant, Consolacion
4. Ellen’s Garden, Liloan

We are gradually improving this page based on the concerns and feedback of the clients and our review of the place based on how we are accommodated. If you want to share a write-up or blog based on the venue above, you can email it to us and we will be glad to post it on this page.

Mickey Mouse Budget Decor at Royal Concourse

Mickey Mouse Budget Decor at Royal Concourse

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  1. Dhyezel says:

    Hi! I would like to inquire the kiddie party package in Sugbahan. How much is the package? I need to know coz I’m planning for a birthday party of my daughter this coming July 21. Please advise. Thanks!

  2. Anna Wabina says:


    I would like to inquire the price of that hello kitty balloon decoration much per head?please give me more details regarding this. thanks…

  3. cha says:

    Hi Can you pls give feedback on hanna’s party place…tnx mch

  4. Anna says:

    Thank you for this list, it’s very helpful especially that I’m planning my son’s 1st birthday. Any feedback/ review on City Suites Ramos? Like the ambiance, service, food and cost? This would be help me finalize the venue for his party.
    Thanks in advance!

    • admin says:

      City Suites Ramos is one of the better venues in Cebu City. The function room, which is located in the 2nd floor is huge and the ambiance is nice. The food is delicious but we are not familiar with the different packages and prices. The only problem in this venue is the noticeable smell of gas in the parking area. The crew/staff are very helpful and accommodating not only to the customers but also with the suppliers. Other nearby options are Holiday Plaza Hotel, Casino Espanol & Hannah’s Party Place.

  5. missadventures says:

    Do you know of any place na pwede mag hold ug children’s party? Preferably outdoors with lots of trees so it’s not too hot. I’m thinking of doing an all-children’s party for my daughter’s birthday.

  6. flor says:

    how much the finding nemo balloon entrance arch and the circus columns?


  7. rodolfo pijo says:

    please give me idea how much per head debut party and menu I need before January 13 thx

  8. Meriam Agravante says:

    Hi sis!

    I would like to inquire the price of that balloon decor in the photo above the Hawaiian Luau Theme at Mactan Yacht? and can I ask for your review sis about the AA’s BBQ in Pusok Branch.

    Thank you so much. I will greatly appreciate your response. My daughter will celebrate her first bday on Feb 26, and we don’t want to spend much but still have it memorable.


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