6 Elegant Party Venues near IT Park Cebu

Aside from being nice, party venues near IT Park Cebu will surely make your party successful and fun because of its accessibility to your guests. There are several party places in the area and they have different prices and ambiance. There are a number of restaurants and hotels located nearby and they are accessible by public vehicles. Just a short walk from the main road and you will arrive at your desired destination. Here are 6 elegant party venues near IT Park Cebu.

1. Metro Park Hotel

Considered as one of the most affordable party venues that offer great servings, “>Metro Park Hotel is a peaceful party place that will surely make everyone in the party enjoy the celebration. You can choose the air-conditioned room at the 4th floor of the hotel building or you can have a pool party. They have spacious party places that can hold at least 100 guests and their staffs are very hospitable and accommodating. We also held our 2nd son’s 2nd birthday party here – and it was amazing!

2. Waterfront Hotel Cebu

Located just in front of the Cebu IT Park, “>Waterfront Hotel Cebu has several function room options. You can either party inside The Port, a restaurant that offers an “eat-all-you-can”, or you can go to the function rooms inside the Casino, or better yet, choose any of the function rooms inside the hotel. Most of the concerts and huge events are held in this hotel, which means parking areas and traffic is something to consider during special occasions. The price per person may be a bit expensive at around P1,000, but you will surely get what you paid for.

3. Golden Cowrie Lahug

Also known as Hukad, Golden Cowrie in Lahug is now one of the go to party places because of its Filipino food servings. The elegant wooden and glass combination design inside the restaurant is perfect for a simple celebration. Rooms are relatively small but if you only have about 30 to 40 guests, these can be perfect. There have been upgrades in the facilities and the restaurant underwent a facelift a couple of years ago. As a side note, this is a special place for us because this is where she said “yes”, during our 2nd anniversary as couple.

4. Chika-an sa Cebu

Regarded as one of the best restaurants in Cebu that offers Filipino dishes, Chika-an sa Cebu is a nice party venue for a social gathering. The function room at the 2nd floor can fit about 40 persons but if you have more guests, they can stay at the areas near the room. Aside from sumptuous offerings, it has a huge parking space and an old school ambiance.

5. Cebu Northwinds Hotel

Situated beside Golden Cowrie Lahug, Cebu Northwinds Hotel is great for any occasion. It can be a wedding, debut or kiddie party. Parking your car here may be a bit challenging during peak days. Aside from the party place at the top floor of the building, you can also hold your party in the ground floor. It has an elegant function room and you can choose from a wide-array of food servings.

6. Avida Tower

Located inside the IT Park, the Avida Tower is one of the high-rise buildings in the area. It has a nice indoor-outdoor function room, near the poolside of the condominium. Any celebration is perfect here but there are a lot of restrictions in the decoration, which means you should plan ahead the needed embellishments that you are planning to add. You can bring in your own food caterer and other suppliers and just rent the space exclusively for your celebration.

You can do more research about these party venues near IT Park or you can go there directly to check the place for yourself. Ask also for the prices and inclusions of their packages. Check also if there are hidden costs, corkage, restrictions, etc.

Next time, we will write about party venues near the Cebu Business Park. Quest Hotel, Mandarin Hotel, Parklane Hotel, Diamond Suites and Royal Concourse Restaurant will surely be part of this list.

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