Social Events that require Balloon Decorations

Aside from a Birthday Party & Christening, other social events also require Balloon Decoration Packages. Weddings, Corporate Events, Store Opening, Thanksgiving, Graduation and many other social gatherings would be memorable if a balloon arrangement is present. Not only it is much cheaper than flowers, the supply of any color of balloons is available year round.

Team Cebu Balloons

Team Cebu Balloons

JANUARY – During the month of January, people who are celebrating the New Year and opening new business ventures for the start of the year are the ones who usually order decorations from the nearby balloon shops. Others prefer the much experienced balloon artists even though they are significantly far from them. Experience really plays a big part on how the balloons made in the venue.

FEBRUARY – We all know February is the month of Love. It is during Valentine’s Day when both Flower Shops and Balloons Stores enjoy a surge in orders. During this month, weddings & company meetings help the businesses stay active. Except for the scattered birthdays during this time of the year, all the other days are silent.

MARCH – The month of March is usually for Junion-Senior Prom (JS Prom). There are a few graduation rites during this time of the year and malls usually hold their first quarter sale during this month. There are random birthdays, which also require balloon decoration, but March is also another month considered by balloon shops as a “so-so” month. Some parents of the passers of the bar examination (exam for law students) also love to surprise their child with a simple decoration for the achievement.

APRIL – This time of the year is one of the peak months for Balloon stores. It is during April where there are a number of parents who love to hold a surprise “bongga” party for their son or daughter, who just graduated from Elementary, High School or College. There are also a few JS Prom events, Debut (or 18th Birthday) and store openings during this month.

MAY – This month is not a good month for the Balloon Store owners if they do not continue to look for potential clients and make more innovations. This is a challenging month because only a few companies who are having a social event will order balloon decorations. There are a number of birthdays and christening during this month and most parents no longer transfer the actual birthday to a weekend (which is a common practice) because of the vacation period for schools.

JUNE – June is a good month for weddings. Many girls love to be a “June Bride” but it is during this time where couples decide to go for flowers rather than balloons. There are product promotions or product launching during this period, which looks nice with balloon decors rather than flowers.

JULY – The start of the second half of the year is more on Company outings & mid-year promotions. Business openings, product launching and Christening are the most events during this month, which requires balloon decorations. There are a number of bookings for birthdays and christening every July, which is considered a good month by many balloon shops.

AUGUST – It is during this month when there are a number of corporations that needs balloon decors. “Walk for a Cause”, “Fun Run” and few other corporate activities and promotions are the main events during this month. Balloon shop owners enjoy a good pay every August if they can close the deal with these companies.

SEPTEMBER – Thanksgiving, Christening, Birthdays and a few other social gathering help the businesses stay afloat. It is during September where Customers love to transfer the actual birthdays of their son or daughter to a Friday, Saturday or Sunday so the guests will not have any reason not attend their event. There may be many interested clients during this month but the resources of a balloon store are usually utilized during weekends – most small-medium balloon stores in the Philippines can only cater 2 to 3 bookings in a day – making them pass their other (more than enough) potential clients to another shop.

OCTOBER – The start of the final quarter for the year is usually for Store Openings and Product Launching. “Fun Run” and other social activities, organized by companies and malls are the events that require balloon decoration during October. The yearly big event organized by San Miguel – the “Oktoberfest” – is a big client but bidding for the decoration will be very hard because some competitors give crazy low prices just to get the very popular client.

NOVEMBER – It is during this month where children conceived during the love month are born. Balloon bouquets are nice surprised gifts to a new mother while a Combo Package (with Entertainers, Party Package & Decoration Package) is perfect for a 1 year old. Christenings are usually during the 3rd or 4th week of the month. Halloween Decoration is also an addition for this month.

DECEMBER – This is the peak month for balloon shops – and most probably all the other businesses. It is during December where people get their 13th month pay and are very generous in giving a nice Kiddie Party Package to their son or daughter. Balloon Decorations for Christmas Parties, Christening, Company Opening, and Products Launching are at its best. Customers have extra cash during this month making them add more items to their decorations such as Clown Host, Balloon Twister or Bubble Show.

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