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Balloon Twister

Also known as Balloon Artists or Balloon Benders, a Balloon Twister is a nice addition to a Birthday Party or other social event if you want the celebrant to have a memorable day. Balloon Twisters make balloons into a given shape, usually an animal or flower.

Balloon Twisters are for Birthdays & Christening only

These Balloon Artists also perform their Balloon Modelling in Private Events, Restaurants or Public Fair. They are experienced professionals who can make a wide variety of balloon designs including sculptures. For Birthday Parties, Balloon Twisters only need one or two “long balloons” to design the shape the kids want because most of them prefer basic balloon art such as a sunflower, dog, butterfly, sword, rose, helmet & monkey.

Balloon Twisting Show

Balloon Twisting Show

Our Balloon Twisters usually use the “multiple balloon modelling” approach for the celebrant to give him/her a special design, which usually includes complex moves such as “weaving” and “stuffing”. Some of these Balloon Benders tend to use their own mouth and lungs to fill the balloons with air as part of the act. We discouraged them to do it because aside from the itchy powder used to make the balloons dry, they sacrifice their mouths too much just to fill the air inside the balloon – unless the hand pump is damage while they are performing. They can easily use a hand pump or electric pump and not worry too much in inflating the balloons.

Dressed as a Clown in most events, a Balloon Twister can also dress up in his/her casual wear depending on the client’s request. They bring their own hand pumps and the free long balloons to the venue so the client need not worry on the twister’s items. Best combined with a Clown Host, a Balloon Twister can do his act while the Host is entertaining the kids and adults with the games or he can have his own segment in the program. If the client prefers, one person can do the hosting and twisting, allowing him to save a few amount.

At Cebu Balloons, we only provide seasoned Balloon Twisters who can make a wide-variety of designs and have the entertainment factor. Getting a newbie may save you a few bucks but the designs will be very limited and there will be instances, which will be hard for them to handle.

Avail our affordable Balloon Twisting Show today or simply have it as an add-on to the Clown Hosting. You can also avail both the Balloon Twisting Show and Bubble Show. You will surely make your child and his/her guest enjoy the party and bring home the simply joys of seeing balloons made into shapes.

Prices of Balloon Twister

Balloon Twisting (Cebu City, Mandaue City, nearby Mactan Areas) – P900
Balloon Twisting (Liloan, nearby Minglanilla, Talisay City, far Mactan Areas) – P1000

Clown Host + Balloon Twisting (Cebu City, Mandaue City, nearby Mactan Areas) – P1,700
Clown Host + Balloon Twisting (Liloan, nearby Minglanilla, Talisay City, far Mactan Areas) – P1800

*Fare is already included in the price. Free 30 long Balloons.

Balloon Twister Cebu

Balloon Twister Cebu

Harley Davidson Twisted Balloon

Harley Davidson Twisted Balloon

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