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Multiple Theme Balloon Arrangement at Cebu Marine Resort

Multiple Theme Balloon Arrangement at Cebu Marine Resort

Q: What are your business hours?
A: We are open from Mondays to Saturdays at 8:30am to 6:00pm and Sundays at 8:30am to 12:00pm.

Q: How to order?
A: Please check http://www.cebuballoons.com/how-to-order/

Q: What are your payment terms?
A: There will be a 50% down payment before we make the order and the final payment will be made a day before the event. An easier option would be to pay in full to avoid the hassle.

Q: How long can you make a dozen flying or stick balloon?
A: It takes less than 2 hours to inflate and print the balloons but we always encourage our customers to order ahead of time to avoid the rush.

Q: Do you accept rush order?
A: Yes! It is subject to availability of time and personnel and there will be a small additional charge if order is ‘too rush’

Q: Do you sell raw (not inflated) balloons?
A: Yes! We sell pack of 10’s, 50’s and 100’s in different colors and types. Please check http://www.cebuballoons/wholesale/

Q: Do you deliver?
A: Yes! We deliver within Mandaue City (P50-P250), Consolacion (P100-P250), Lapu-lapu City (P200-P500), Cebu City (P300-400), Talisay City (P400-P500) and other nearby provinces. This amount is already for the two-way fuel consumption (house-to-venue & venue-to-house) for the Van. For delivery to far municipalities, please contact us for inquiries.

Q: Do you have a Return & Exchange Policy?
A: Yes! Please refer to our Return and Exchange Policy page.

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  1. Malen says:

    Do you have packages for a 50th birthday? The theme would be a gold theme with balloons and flowers. I really want to know your packages. Thank you!

  2. Shealsy says:

    Hi there, I would like to start a Party Need business in my town, it is possible to get the wholesale prices of your items? please send it to my email…. Thanks.

  3. gary Knight says:

    about how many people will the ice cream tube feed ??

    thank you gary

  4. Elizabeth Wagas says:

    Hi there! 🙂 How much will it cost if Minglanilla or Naga ang ako venue? How much would be an additional fee? planning to avail the kiddie package 2k value package D. Thanks ! hoping to hear you soon 🙂

  5. Stephan says:

    Hi,I want to know you guys shipping styro standees or solid cartoon standees to Australia.

    • Mark says:

      Sorry, we can’t ship the standees at the moment. We are still looking for a reliable company to assist us on this.

  6. Divine says:

    Hi I just asking in advance how much the total for all..food arrangement cake everything for the birthday of my daughter ..18 birthday I like to surprise her so gusto nako nga nindot ang arrangement..send me in my email please..actually by October 12 ang birthday

  7. caren says:

    Hi i need a kiddie party worth 2k…package A …i need this coming december 6 2015..pls confirm me..and naa sad mo avallable nga cake for girl kid??

  8. Hon says:


    I would like to verify, the combo package B (14k) with photobooth and all, included na ba mam inyong kiddy chairs and table or separate na nga rent? also, can i request for a ninja turtle theme?

  9. jeaneth says:

    Im from Pampanga. I need strawberry shortcake mylar balloons. Do you have a minimum requirement to ship? I need around 30 pcs only…how much each?


  10. Ruby says:

    Do you have a certain shop to visit? May i know the address? My daughters bday is on june 27 and she wants her birthday a princess theme.. Please help

  11. Maria says:

    Hi do you sell just the balloons tinkerbell and do you ship?

  12. genevieve says:

    hi..can you please email me the wholesale prices of your items and do you have mascots for sale? am in samar right now and my party needs business was totally vanished by the super typhoon yolanda..so now,slowly am trying to put the business back again..hoping to hear from you soon!

    thank you & more power to your business..


  13. lala says:

    Hi just want to ask how much is you service fee to decorate only the ready made balloons. I mean just to set up the balloons

  14. sme says:

    Hi how much is the service fee for setting up the balloon.

  15. riri says:


    Just like shybies comment here. Do you know someone who can setup balloons. I have my balloons. Ty for your help.

  16. Sasha says:

    Hi! Are the invitations on the party packages, specifically the 2K packages, personalized or are they the ready-made ones? Also, for the loot bags, can they be customized, or is there an add on fee for that? Can the package be customized? Like for example, the tarpaulin included on the package is 3ft x 2ft, are we able to increase the size to 4ft x 3ft and just pay an add on price? Please let me know if this is possible so that I can provide you more details and you can give me a quote for the add-ons. You may respond thru email. Your response is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  17. Jasmine says:

    I just want to ask if you have a branch in Manila?
    Could you please give me the contact numbers?


  18. shybie says:

    Hi, I have my own balloons, i just need someone to set and decorate it for me during the event..do you do that? and how much

  19. marie ruiz says:

    do you have mermaid set up..can u send me pictures? and how much is ur package? tnx

  20. Claire says:


    Do you have minimum orders? Its my baby girl’s baptism and I would like to order the same set of balloons on your Balloon Designs na gallery (katong “Girl Stage Decor” na pic ) pero 2 pcs of those lang. pwede ba and how much?

  21. mary says:

    Hi! I was wondering if where are you located? Say for example, we want to get the ice cream from you and not deliver it. Does this make sense?

  22. Mommy Darlz says:


    I agree with the previous comment. You guys are affordable and I believe your service has quality! Keep it up!

    My baby boy is turning 1 this June and i’m already planning a SAFARI theme party. Your gallery shows a very nice safari theme decor. How much is it to get that kind of decoration? just the decorations
    >2 pillar ballons
    >1 cake arch
    >24 ballons on stick
    >maybe 4 centerpieces
    (the pic sa inyong gallery showing the centerpieces at the back of the car)
    >monkey twisted ballon
    >the LION standee and the “Welcome to safari land” standee

    My location: Talisay City, Cebu.

    You may email me at darlingjoy2001@yahoo.com.


  23. rej says:

    hi there Lisa and Mark ,

    my daughter will be celebrating her birthday on May 11,2014 and we’re planning to order your :

    3ft.x2ft. styro standee
    Party Package G
    Budget Decor Package B 4 centerpieces to ( 1 cake arch ) is that possible ?
    and i would like to avail your ballpen giveaway , how much does it cost each ?

    our theme is Hello Kitty .

    and i would like to inquire about your tables and chairs , how much for rent ?

    our venue would be in Bayong , Inayagan boundary of Minglanilla and Naga , how much would be the costs of delivery ?

    hope to hear from you as soon as possible , Thank You …

  24. chat says:

    Hi good pm, I just want to inquire the following items :

    1 Clown Host (from Start to Finish of Kids Party)
    30 Party Hats
    30 Loot Bags**
    30 Name Tags (Personalized)
    1 Piñata
    6 Packs Candy for Piñata
    1 Tarpaulin 5ft x 4ft (Personalized)
    2 Party Poppers
    1 Pabitin with Toys


  25. Jenive Baring says:

    Hi, I’m currently in the office now and searching for some ideas for my son’s upcoming 1st birthday party. Was searching for cebu base party suppliers and by far, yours I think is the most attractive and has reasonable costs. It’ll be few months from now but I am already planning so it wouldn’t be too stressful when it’s already near. And so fewer details I’ll have to work out on the day itself.. I have a limited budget so I’m wondering if you can customize a disney car theme party(house/frontyard venue) with the following inclusions;

    *Host (clown can be scary for babies/kids) any suggestion?
    *Decoration(balloons, 1 Pinata with candies, cake arch,character standee, table candy buffet
    *photo coverage

    It looks like this , 2K Value Package D with some addition

    1 Clown Host (start to finish of kids party)
    1 Celebrant or Character Standee
    1 Personalized Tarpaulin (3ft x 2ft)
    12 Balloons on Stick
    30 Party Hats
    30 Invitation Cards
    30 Loot Bags*

    I look forward to your reply!

    All the best


  26. deceree says:


    Do you have a packages for 60th birthday party. It might be floral/vintage theme or if you could suggest please send me an email.
    I really wanted to know your packages.
    Thank you!

  27. cmon says:


    good day

    How much rate of your clown and balloon twister if the party will be held in Sogod Cebu?


  28. flor says:

    Hi! I would like to know how much is the package for the following:

    Heavy Afternoon Snacks
    Tables and Chairs for 30-40 pax
    Cake (hello Kitty)
    1 Celebrant or Character Standee
    budget decor Package A
    entrance arch candy land theme
    Hawaiian Centerpiece Pre-printed
    Dirty Ice Cream in tube

    I’m on a tight budget. If possible, can we have the price per item so that I can prioritize? As for the prizes for the games, I plan to buy it.

    Venue will be in our place in Sunrise Village, Pardo. Theme would be Minions. Kindly email me. Thanks!

  29. jewel says:

    hi, I just want to inquire and ask for a quotation how much is the cost of the kids party. I would like to avail the minnie and mickey mouse theme which combines with the bday of my son and her cousin with 40 kids guest.
    – 1 clown
    -1 balloon twister
    – 40 balloon on sticks
    -40 loot bags with goodies inside
    -40 invitations themed/personalized
    -40 name tags
    -2 pinatas with candies
    -1 big tarpaulin personalized
    -1 theme bday cake if possible
    -2 pabitin
    -kids tables and chairs for 40 pax.
    – if you merienda package much better- if possible

    – venue is @ springwoods minglanilla, cebu on feb. 15

    Thank you and hoping for your immediate response.

  30. Lannie says:

    Hi i want to ask if you also cater in Sogod Cebu?

    • admin says:

      Hi Maam Lannie,

      As of this writing, we don’t cater Party & Decor Packages to your area. Our Clown Host / Balloon Twister can go there at a small additional charge.

  31. Dam says:

    Hi! I would like to know how much is the package for the following:

    > Heavy Afternoon Snacks
    > Tables and Chairs for 30-40 pax
    > Cake
    > Decorations
    > Clown as a Host
    > Magician

    I’m on a tight budget. If possible, can we have the price per item so that I can prioritize? As for the prizes for the games, I plan to buy it.

    Venue will be in our place in Bulacao, Pardo. Theme would be Minions. 🙂 Kindly email me. Thanks!

  32. christine says:

    Hi Lisa and Mark,

    How much will you charge for this customize package:

    *face painting
    *bubble show
    *trampoline and inflatable with slide
    *photo and videograph

    You can reach me through my e-mail add. I’ll be waiting for your response. Thanks

  33. ckacka says:

    hi !! will you accept an order if the theme is lakers ( basketball team ) ?

  34. krish conejero says:

    hi! i’ve browsed through your website & i find it very interesting. i’m planning for my son’s 5th birthday and im looking for a nice, accessible & affordable venue. how much will it cost me to rent your place for 60 pax?

  35. Kish says:

    mam, do you have acetate boxes?

  36. Juliemie says:

    Hi, can u give a pricelist of all your raw(not inflated) balloons?thanks!

  37. Joanne says:


    Please quote me for the following:
    Theme: Mickey Mouse

    2 Balloon Columns
    1 Cake Arch
    1 Entrance Balloon Arch (I also saw the entrance tunnel balloon, liked it. how much for this?)
    2 Centerpieces for Buffet and dessert table
    15 ceiling balloons
    1 Ice cream cart

    and how much would be the delivery charge within lahug/escario?

    Please quote me for a budget friendly price. Thanks.

    PS i love your site! 🙂

  38. LJ says:

    Hi, I would like to inquire how much would be the cost for mickey mouse standee? I’m planning to order one for my son’s 1st birthday. And, I’m still searching for your packages that suits my budget that will includes lunch buffet for kids and adults. Thank you so much, 🙂

  39. rocelyn says:

    hi..pls quote for me if i will order:
    30 stick balloons w/ minnie mouse prnt
    3 pcs balloon centerpiece
    cake 9×13 cake ( Minnie Mouse)
    how much will be the delivery charge.The venue is in Pardo Cebu city.
    Thank u

  40. may ann says:

    Hi. I would like to ask if ur willing to catter us if venue is in Talavera, toledo city. How much would be an additional fee for delivery……. if we will be the 1 to pick up. its ok? no additional charges?
    Would like to have your sulit package balloon decoration worth 5,800pesos themes barney and dora in 1 package, 2 sets of your party kid package worth 1,500pesos, 1 clown/host, 1 tarp size 6×7 customized barney and dora together in 1 tarp with 2 celebrant……1 standee celebrant 4ft with the 2 celebrant in 1 standee…..how much all in all? By the way the party would be in Dec 14, 2013……. Do you have a tables and chairs for kids and adult to be rented? wat about table cloth? wat about table cloth for the foods?how much would it be? wat about the delivery? Thank you…… and hoping for your response soon………

  41. Lei says:

    Hi. My child will be celebrating her 1st bday this coming sept. An office mate referred me to your site. I find that your pricing is quite affordable. I wish to know how much you will charge (customized package) for the ff:

    Clown/ Party Host
    2 Balloon columns
    1 cake arch
    30 Balloons on stick
    Pabitin with toys
    Pinata with candies
    Ice Cream Cart

    Appreciate your response. Thank you.


  42. Hazel says:


    Good day!

    My daughter will turn one this november…i would like to order for character standees (disney princesses). do u make one? also, i would like to order pinata and pabitin with toys.

    Can u send me ur quotation?


  43. mahlin says:


    Good evening.
    I’d like to inquire if I could solely pay for a Clown/Host or is it a must to pay any of your packages before I could avail to such service.

    Your immediate response will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you and God Bless.

  44. jezevyl says:

    hi, do you inflate 32″ balloons?, do have an easel for rent and a standee that can be use to hang tarps and banners?
    Thank you and God bless!

  45. Janrose says:


    My daughter will be celebrating her birthday in June 16th. I’m glad I’ve found your website. It’s so informative.

    I’d like to ask how your quotation for the following:

    30 balloons on stick
    30 invitation cards
    5×4 tarpaulin
    30 balloon twister
    1 cake arch balloons and 2 pillars

    Would appreciate if you could email me tomorrow at an affordable price. hehe

  46. Wendell says:

    bookmarked!!, I love your blog!

    my web blog; healthy children

  47. genevieve pelayo says:


    my daughter will be celebrating her 1st birthday on 08/27/2013, i want to get party package worth 6300 but my theme would be lady bug, it’s not listed on your themes though but are you able to accommodate our request? i’m living near capitol, can you suggest as to where’s the best affordable venue for 60-70 people? i’m battled with that as well, i would also be ordering cupcakes, i prefer cupcakes than cakes though. :O

    i’ll wait for your response.

  48. Anne says:

    Good day! How much will it cost for this customized package if possible:

    30 balloon on stick
    30 party hats
    30 invitation cards
    piñata with candies
    pabitin with toys
    tarpauline (4×3)
    1 cake arc

    theme: tinker bell

    Thank you. Hope to hear a reply from u soon. God bless and more power!

  49. fritz says:

    Good day!

    My daughter will be celebrating her 1st birthday this May. I would just like to ask if u could send me a sample tarp piglet design, as well as cake with piglet design.

    with regards to this package..

    Party Package A (P600)
    30 Balloons on Stick
    30 Party Hats
    30 Theme Invitation Cards
    1 Theme Banner with Name Print
    *P30/additional child (what do u meant by this?)


  50. Des says:


    I would like to ask how much will you charge for the following as a package:

    2 5ft balloon column
    25 balloons on a stick
    5 balloon centerpiece (the 50php kind)
    1 cake arch
    tarpaulin printing (i already have a layout)
    1 clown/host

    *theme would be ballerina, pink and brown colors

    Looking forward to your response.


  51. Des says:


    I would like to inquire if you can make a Customized Package that would include the following:

    2 balloon columns 5ft
    1 cake arch
    30 balloons on a stick
    5 balloon centerpiece (the 55php kind will do)
    tarp printing (i can do the layout)
    1 host/clown

    Ours will have a “ballerina” theme.. with pink and brown colors. Looking foward to your response.


  52. Jane says:

    Good day!

    I was so happy to find your website and to know as well that your just located nearby. I am actually interested only with the party supply such as that bag that has a cartoon character, that you have in your website. I would like to actually know what are the party supply/favors that you have? I am actually looking forward for a “spongebob” birthday theme. Thanks and God bless!

  53. mechelle says:

    hi. good day. would like to inquire if u have any affordable wedding package. please email me the soonest. gbu!

    • admin says:

      Hello Maam Mechelle,

      Good day to you! For wedding packages, we usually based our quotations on the customers budget. We will send them our best offer as soon as possible. Please let us know your budget by emailing us at cebuballoons@gmail.com and give us an idea of some of the things you need and you don’t need. Just to give you an idea, please check the package below.

      PACKAGE PRICE: P5,000
      1 Balloon Entrance Arch (7ft)
      1 Cake Arch (2 to 3 ft)
      2 Balloon Columns (designed as Groom & Bride)
      4 Sets Stage Decors (floral design)
      4 Sets Wall Decors (floral design)
      30 Ceiling Balloons
      1 Tarpaulin (5ft x 4ft, free design)

  54. jenn dano says:

    hi mr. maranga,

    i emailed last month regarding your balloon packages. i am interested with the budget balloon decoration package which costs Php 2,000 but i was thinking if you can give me a quotation on the customized package with the ff inclusions: 1 cake arch, 6 table center pieces, 2pcs 5 ft balloon columns or a mini stage set up for christening (no tarp lng). theme kay teddy bears.

    thank you,

    jenn dano

  55. Maria says:

    So happy to see your website, and im really interested with your 2K package F,
    my niece party will be either on March 30 or 31 2013 at Jugan Consolacion.

    2K Value Package F
    1 Theme Cake (12in x 8in)
    1 Personalized Tarpaulin (4ft x 3ft)
    30 Balloons on Stick
    30 Party Hats
    30 Invitation Cards
    30 Loot Bags
    1 Pabitin with toys worth 250
    1 Pinata with 1 pack candy

    Additional: Pink Baloon Centerpiece P55 – 2pcs.

    20 pcs. cupcakes with pink boiled icing.

    Please tell me the procedure to process my orders and to where i can send my payments.

  56. Mike says:


    My son will be celebrating his 1st birthday this March. I see that you are offering packages at a reasonable price.
    We just want a simple party since our house is not that big , so we are just interested with pkg A at P600. Will you also deliver it? If so, How much is the charge? And yes, we live in mabolo.

    Will wait for your response. Salamat!

    • admin says:

      Hello Mike,

      Thank you for your interest in our Party Package A. Please see two options below regarding the delivery.

      1. Stick Balloons (with print, inflated at shop) – Delivery charge to Mabolo is P300 (Car).
      2. Stick Balloons (without print, inflated at customer’s house) – Delivery charge to Mabolo is P100 (Motorcycle).

  57. Joyces says:

    Hello, i was happy to find ur website, just like ms.margarette my son will be celebrating his 4th birthday on march 31, i was wondering if you can also send me a customized package for the following: balloon columns (pair) 1 cake arch, 2 centerpiece for buffet and candy table the theme is cars and thomas and friends. We live in inayawan so i would like to know how much is ur delivery charge, and i would like to know the prices for the “raw balloons” thank you so much. Will be waiting for ur response. Daghan Salamat

    • admin says:

      Hi Maam Joyces,

      Good day to you! I sent you an email re Customized Decoration Package & Delivery Charge. I hope you find our proposal affordable.

  58. Margarette says:

    Good day!

    My son will be celebrating his 1st bday this coming April. As early as now, I am already looking for the cheapest party/ balloon packages online. Your prices so far are the best. I would like to ask if you have a package that has the following:

    Clown/Host Party
    2 Balloon columns
    1 cake arch
    24 Balloons on stick
    pabitin with toys
    pinata with candies

    Im on a tight budget now. So I hope you can give the cheapest price for the above mentioned… will it be a great addition to your 2k value packages? 🙂 Im crossing my fingers for that! 🙂

    You can reach me through my email add.

    Thank you and more power to your company…


    • admin says:

      Hi Maam Margarette,

      Thank you very much for your interest in our Party & Decoration Packages. A few minutes ago, I have sent a “Customized Birthday Package” to your email, which I hope would fit your needs and budget.


      Mark M.

  59. Queenie says:

    Hi, I just want to say that I am happy to find your website. Maayo nalang naay affordable nga birthday packages.

    • admin says:

      Hello Maam Queenie,

      Thank you for the nice comment Maam. Hope you can also recommend us to your friends and relatives. =)

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