A challenging 2014 for Balloon Businesses

The year 2014 brings a lot of promise to balloon businesses not only in the Philippines but also in other countries around the globe. With the help of the internet, people from all walks of life can easily access tutorials on how to make balloon arrangements, decorations, arts and crafts. The social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and many others can easily connect the seller and the buyer. If the potential client sees that the seller is trustworthy and knows what he is doing, then business will surely be good.

Balloon Business 2014

Balloon Business 2014

Because of the competition and easy access to balloon making videos and e-books, owners of Balloon Businesses here in the Philippines are currently looking for ways on how to improve their service and add more things to offer, such as Photobooth, Party Entertainers, Kiddie Party Packages & Balloon Decoration Packages. They create, innovate, and develop new and exciting ideas to make the existing customers become a repeat client and possibly bring in more customers through word of mouth.

Because the Balloon Industry in Cebu is now a competitive market, small players tend to work on an uneven playing field. Many of them are not registering their business, paying taxes and they try to dismantle the good reputation of an honest business competitor; it is a reality here in the Philippines but we really do not care about competition because many people who are in the same industry are our friends.

We at Maranga Cebu Balloon & Party Supplies always make it a point that we do not want to compete with the big players, who are already 5 or 10 or 15 years doing this business. We play in the same playing field as them – we get business permits, pay taxes & make sure our prices do not deviate a lot from their existing rates. Small & growing balloon businesses such as ours need uplifting and support from the pioneers of the industry. Sometimes these big players refer their clients to us but most of the time we try to reach to our potential clients in our own ways by giving them calling cards & flyers, making our own website and social media accounts and simply asking our friends to help promote this business.

The Balloon Industry in Cebu has room for growth. We have the skills here but most of the nice and affordable supplies can be purchased in Manila, the country’s capital city, or outside the Philippines. Many are excited on how this business will help them improve their living but only a few can survive in this challenging industry.

Just like many small & medium enterprises, we hope we can continue to improve and grow the business this 2014.

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This page is last updated on Jan 20, 2014 @ 4:57 pm
  1. Rodelyn Tanaotanao says:

    hi ma’am and sir!

    Greeting from God…

    Maganda umaga!

    Pwede ko po ba ako makahingi mga name supplier ninyo at paano magtayo ng business na katulad sa inyo. Gusto ko kasi magbusiness ng katulad sa business ninyo pero dito sa Bicol. Im living ni Naga, Camarines Sur or nagfra-franchise na kayo.

    • Mark says:

      Hello Ms Rodelyn,

      We are sorry to inform you that we don’t disclose the name of our suppliers. Very soon, we will be launching our own wholesale business and you can be one of our customers. Please keep yourself updated by checking our website and FB regularly. Good luck on your planned business.

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