The 3 basic type of balloons you need to know

Balloons in assorted colors and type

Balloons in assorted colors and type

Recently, there have been many different type of balloons in the sold in the market. Even with the variety, they still falls in the 3 basic types of balloons. Balloons are made out of latex, which basically are saps coming from rubber trees. The moment it is inflated, it starts to decompose. Because of the other content added to a balloon to produce different colors and shine, some balloons does not degrade fast. Some of it end up in the ocean, especially those that are released to the sky. These balloons that stay in the ocean, kill some of the sea creatures because they think these are food or part of nature. Being an environment conscious balloon decorator has its advantages in a nice way. Without further ado, here are the 3 basic types of balloons.

1. Standard Latex Balloons

Flying Balloons Centerpieces for a Girl's Disney Up Theme

Flying Balloons Centerpieces for a Girl’s Disney Up Theme

These are the balloons often used for stick and flying balloons. The standard latex balloons are not shiny and does not cost a lot. These are the type of balloons that are printed with black or blue ink. A set of letters are assembled and a thin layer of ink is added on top of the letters or characters. The standard latex balloons are then inflated using a manual or electric inflator, then rolled over to the letters with ink. To avoid the wet ink to scatter to the other balloons, each are well-positioned. After printing, a pearl glue is added to the balloon to make it shiny and last longer. Balloons inflated with Hydrogen or Helium does not last long if a pearl glue is not covering it. The hydrogen or helium particles get out of the balloons easily without the balloon glue.

2. Pearlized Latex Balloons

Pearlized Latex Balloons

Pearlized Latex Balloons

Although these type of balloons cost 20 to 30 percent more compared to the Standard Latex, Pearlized Latex Balloons are shiny and thicker. They are very good for stick balloons but it can be used for flying balloons as well. It saves the hassle to prepare and apply the pearl glue because it is shiny already. If you want to use Pearlized Latex Balloons for Flying Balloons, you still have to apply pearl glue to make is last a day or two. The printed Pearlized Latex Balloons burst easily when exposed to extreme heat. Direct sunlight, humid air and pointed objects are the main villains of balloons.

3. Metallic Balloons

Colorful Flying Metallic Balloons

Colorful Flying Metallic Balloons

Can also be used for stick and flying balloons, Metallic Balloons are usually for decorations. These are the most affordable type of balloons because of the demand. It comes in different sizes and most of it are used to make an amazing design or sculpture using balloons. Most of the time, these Metallic Balloons are used in Arches, Pillars, Centerpieces and other decors. It is also nice to use these type of balloons for stick and flying balloons but adding a print is discouraged. Printed metallic balloons burst easily because of chemical reaction of the balloon composition and the ink. It is also best to add a pearl glue to the metallic balloons if you are adding hydrogen or helium to it.

In the market today, you can see many different shape, sizes and types but all of these still fall to one of these three different types. If you are a newbie to the industry, you try to experiment what works and what doesn’t and make sure you take notes and avoid doing the same mistakes.

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    Hi, i please give the price per bag (100 pcs contents) of your Standard Latex Balloons. We arranged burial program and we used balloons for the decoration.


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