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Rates and Services

Printed Balloons on Stick

Printed Balloons on Stick

*Prices are subject to change without prior notice.


  • 12 Stick Balloons with Print – P180
  • 12 Flying Balloons with Print – P230
  • (Add-on) 12 Ribbon Design for Balloons – P24

Character Stamp Available: Spiderman, Superman, Ben 10, Cars, Toy Story, Pooh, Tweety, Snowhite, Tinker Bell, Barbie, Minnie, Hello Kitty, Dora the Explorer and many more

Special Balloon Designs

  • Column (6ft) – P600 *this is the standard size
  • Column (7ft) – P700
  • Column (8ft) – P750
  • Column (5ft) – P550
  • Column (4ft) – P500
  • Column (3ft) – P450
  • Column + Mother Balloon (6ft) – P600
  • Column + Mylar Balloon (6ft) – P600
  • Cake Arch (For 1 to 3 Layers Cake)- P600
  • Big Arch (130 to 140 Balloons, 7ft)- P1,800
  • Big Arch (150 to 160 Balloons, 8ft)- P2,100
  • Big Arch (175 to 185 Balloons, 9ft)- P2,500
  • Big Arch (200 to 210 Balloons, 10ft)- P2,800
  • Big Arch (220 to 230 Balloons, 11ft)- P3,000
  • Balloon Centerpiece – P120 to P200 (depending on the design, please contact us)

You might want to check our Photo Gallery & Balloon Designs so you will have an idea on what we can do for you.

Ice Cream

  • 4.5 Gallons in Tube (Aluminum Container) + 100pcs Cones – P1,500

Flavors Available: Mango-Cheese, Chocolate, Ube, Mango, Mocha, Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, Strawberry
Please check our Dirty Ice Cream page for more details.

Photobooth in Cebu

Click here for details of Photobooth Service

Personalized Tarpaulin Design + Print

  • 3ft x 2ft – P220.00
  • 4ft x 3ft – P340.00
  • 5ft x 3ft – P400.00
  • 6ft x 3ft – P460.00
  • 5ft x 4ft – P500.00
  • 6ft x 4ft – P580.00
  • 6ft x 5ft – P700.00

*Above prices are for standard tarpaulin sizes. We design and print tarpaulins at any size above 3ft x 2ft. For inquiries on tarp sizes not found above, please contact us.

Check our Tarpaulin Designs so you will have an idea on what we can design for you.

Styro Standee – Celebrant or Character

Character/Celebrant Standee on Styrofoam 3ft x 2ft (Formed) – P450
Character/Celebrant Standee on Styrofoam 4ft x 2ft (Formed) – P550

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