Christmas 2013 is a Blast, a Reason to Expand

Christmas 2013 is just around the corner and we are happy that after one year from our store blessing we have satisfied almost everyone, if not all, of our customers with our budget-friendly Balloon Decoration Packages and Birthday Party Packages.

Christmas happens only once a year but the “Christmas Season” is celebrated for two to three months here in the Philippines. In Cebu, people from all walks of life celebrate the Christmas Season as if it is the happiest time of the year. Most employees get their 13th month pay and bonuses during this season and companies love to hold Christmas Parties or Year-end Celebrations.

Christmas 2013 - Maranga Family

Christmas 2013 – Maranga Family

For our modest company, the Maranga Cebu Balloons & Party Supplies, we think this month of December is one of our busiest months so far. Bookings from the time we opened on December 8, 2012 up to November have gradually increased but December is a blast. Honestly, we did not see this coming. We could have expanded the company and invested in resources to cater the demands of our products and services. Clients’ who noticed our affordable products, professional service and unwavering customer care, referred us to their friends and even their companies – and most of these clients who experienced our service last year, returned this year and ordered more. Inquiries for Balloon Decorations, Party Packages, Entertainers, Ice Creams, and etc have been overwhelming but sad to say, we lack the resources at the moment. Rest assured, we will continue to save some of the earnings we get so we can invest and get the resources we need – and we can cater to more clients in a day.

Last December 8, we treated our staffs to a swimming pool party. We provided them with groceries, 13th month and bonus. In the past months, we reward them by giving extra cash to encourage them to do more good work. We have gradually increased their salaries so they will have a reason to stay in the company for a long time, if not for good.

The trust that our clients gave us is one of the reasons why we are motivated to make great designs. We only offer the best prices so that our customers will return and become a free advertisement and bring more clients, which is already the case to many of them. Aside from making excellent decorations for companies and individuals, we now offer new personalized products, such as Mugs, Shirts, Pens, Standees and more. We are seeing a steady growth in our orders of personalized products so we have decided to put up a new alter ego to Cebu Balloons, which we named as Cebu Personalized.

This is the happiest and most prosperous time of the year for many businesses, especially those who are working in this kind of industry – Event Coordinators, Photographers, Cake Makers, Flower Shops, etc. For us, it is a reason for business expansion. It’s one of the busiest months and we think we will continue to grow in the coming years.

Cebu Balloons is a small business, managed by married couple Mark & Lisa, who are hands-on in this business. We are determined to continue doing great work for us to give our son, Sam, a brighter future. Every time clients avail our services, we always thank God for the blessings that he bestowed on us. He is the reason for everything and in His perfect time, we will be able expand this business and cater to more customers.

We wish everyone reading this blog a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2014.

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