Best Balloon Shop in the Philippines

Since its grand opening on December 8, 2012, Maranga Cebu Balloon & Party Supplies has always dreamed of becoming one of the best balloon shops in the Philippines. Even though they are relatively new to the competition, they have found the right ways to play with the more popular names in the group. Being new to the community has its advantage and Cebu Balloons is definitely working hard to climb up the ladder and eventually become one of the top players without “running over” anyone along the way.

Being one of the best balloon shops in the Philippines means you are a trusted supplier and customers are loyal to you. They get the services of your Clown Hosts, Balloon Twisters, Bubble Show, Photo & Video Coverage, Photobooth, etc.

Best Balloon Shop in the Philippines

Best Balloon Shop in the Philippines

Based in Mandaue City, Cebu, the owners of this humble business are doing their best to explore new ways to market and sell their affordable products and services. They are a DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) & BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue)-registered business and work on an even playing field. Just like many of the Balloon Shops and Party Needs in the Philippines, we do not take advantage of the government’s flaws by not registering our business and simply do a home-based business without paying the proper taxes. The main reason why other competitors can give a much better price compared to the legal shops is that they do not pay monthly dues and do not pay the annual city permits and zoning fees. The problem with these balloon shops is that once a legal business operator reports them to the authorities, they will surely end up in jail or pay a hefty amount. Customers of these bogus balloon shops will surely have a headache because they can no longer contact their balloon supplier because they are already behind bars.

It is Cebu Balloons’ intention to become the best balloon shop in the Philippines, and obviously, they are not hiding it. They want to be the best in the business even though they have competitors who are already 20 or 30 years older than they are. Again, being young has its advantages. You can check their balloon designs, character themes and corporate clients so you will have an idea of what they have done.

The main reason they want to achieve this is that they simply want to make a name for themselves. This is the family’s bread and butter and whatever happens to this venture will be a big driver to the family’s future. They are not graduates of any business or marketing-related course (Lisa is an IT, Mark is an Electrician) but they do their best to learn the tricks of the trade – such as marketing, expansion, franchise, online selling, etc.

There are many factors to determine the best balloon shop in the Philippines. These factors include the number of clients, the number of sold items, the number of balloons inflated and decorated, number of services sold, the number of shipped items, and many more. They really do not know if someone is tracking down the statistics for each of the balloon shop and party needs suppliers but there is a huge probability that no one, except them, cares about this.

They dreamt of becoming the best balloon decorator and party gadgets supplier not only in Cebu but also in the whole Philippines and that dream is slowly turning into a reality. With constant hard work and dedication, they can easily achieve their goals. They want to have a balloon shop all over the Philippines and they want to supply the best and most affordable balloons and party supplies in the country. Basically, they want to bring “happiness” to every child in the country.

You haven’t seen the best of Cebu Balloons yet – in fact, you have only seen 1% of what they can do. The 99% of the ideas and innovations are still in the inner core of their brains, waiting to be extracted and developed into an awesome creation.

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