Why we usually refer clients to our website

To avoid confusion on the packages and inclusions, we usually refer clients to our website CebuBalloons.com for the standard packages. In most of our photos uploaded on Facebook, we do not usually include all the items that the clients ordered from us. Most of the photos uploaded recently are composite images, which gives you a glimpse of what we did during that day but not entirely everything that is included in our package.

Superman-themed Balloon Setup with Party Supplies at One Oasis

Superman-themed Balloon Setup with Party Supplies at One Oasis

By letting you browse the different pages of our website, you will have an idea on what you will be paying and the complete list of items you will be getting. Some of the photos posted on our social media accounts have other suppliers or parents who like to DIY. For example, we post a photo of our balloon decorations placed near a stage decorated with paper flowers by the celebrant’s parents, customers might think that the price we are giving them on our FB account will give them the same result. So, to minimize confusion, we see to it that we give the clients the full list of items included in their package. Another example is that photos posted on Facebook might have fewer balloons than the actual package so it is possible that customers will think that they might not be getting the best deal. By pointing them to our website or giving them a full list of package inclusions, they will have an idea on what they are paying for.

We really do not like to give clients a big shock when they see the actual number of balloons included in their package. One client even told us that she had enough with another supplier because at first she thought the picture (owned by the supplier) she requested for a quote will give her the biggest bang for her buck. When she went to the venue, she was dismayed to see that the actual number of balloons were extremely fewer than the ones posted on the supplier’s account. She approached the supplier only to learn that the composite photo uploaded on Facebook, had repeated photos, just taken at a different angle. Because she did not ask for the list of inclusions, all the while she was thinking she would get 4pcs balloon pillars (instead of the actual 2pcs), 10 centerpieces (instead of the actual 5pcs), etc.

Even though most of clients like to settle things online, we are doing our very best to make a “fool-proof” transaction and clear everything out before the client pays for his/her package. So, just to be sure that we are giving the correct list of prices and inclusions, we normally refer them to our web pages or we use a standard response text with a list of prices to set the expectations ahead of time.

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