Party Favors for Birthday, Christening & Wedding

Souvenirs consisting of a small gift given to a guest at a social event, party favors can be both cheap and expensive depending on the budget of the celebrant or the parent (in most cases) or the engaged couple. Party favors serves as mementos and “thank you” gifts to the visitors for attending the celebration.

Usually given on weddings, christenings and birthday parties, party favors can be the simple loot bag with goodies, such as candies and small toys, or the personalized items such as Mugs, Ref Magnets, Bracelets, Shirts and many more. The possibilities are endless. The celebrant can even give picture frames, personalized soap with container, glass products, figurines, etc.

Baby Crib with Thank You Tag (Mary Vela Oyangoren)

Baby Crib with Thank You Tag (Mary Vela Oyangoren)

At Maranga Cebu Balloons & Party Supplies, we offer a wide-variety of giveaways, souvenirs & party favors so the client will have more options depending on their budget. For most birthdays, clients prefer to buy the plastic loot bags, specially for the common cartoon characters such as Disney Cars, Disney Princess, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Spiderman, Ben 10, etc but some prefer to order the personalized loot bags, those with the celebrant’s picture/s and thank you message. Inside the lootbags are candies, small toys and other affordable goodies/items such as a handkerchief, keychains, etc. Many customers, specially for weddings, who are willing to spend on nice party favors go for the personalized mugs, personalized key chains, tumblers, and fridge magnets.

Because of the wide-array of nice party favors for the celebrant (together with the parents) to give to their guest, they usually get confused. Many choose the ‘less-traveled road’ and make their own personalized souvenirs rather than buy from souvenir shops and save their time. They want to exert personal efforts so their guests will appreciate what they have done and keep the souvenirs forever. Mementos do not need to be expensive but it is a reality that if you want a better party favor, you tend to spend more.

If you want to get high-quality party favors, you came to the right place. We made a sister website for you to check the prices and sample photos of our creation. We update it from time to time for our clients to check our new products and services.

Wilson Faith's Personalized Keychain with Bottle Opener

Wilson Faith’s Personalized Keychain with Bottle Opener

Personalized Ref Magnet (Princess Rhian)

Personalized Ref Magnet (Princess Rhian)

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