Constructive Criticism and Continuous Improvement of our Store Sales Team

Unlike many of the online balloon shops, we have a storefront that potential clients can visit during office hours. About 60% of our sales come from “online customers”, but there are also the regular “walk-in customers” that visits our store and ask their inquiries there.

Fall down Seven times, stand up Eight

Fall down Seven times, stand up Eight

We are conscious that we do not have a strong sales team or physical frontline yet but we are doing our best to improve in the field. We are grateful to anyone who expresses his or her concerns to us. These types of messages encourage us to innovate and improve not only for our own benefit but for the pleasure of upcoming customers as well. In most cases, we get positive testimonials, which you can see on our Website’s Testimonial Page, Facebook Testimonial Album and Facebook Review Page but there are instances that we just cannot please everyone. If we get a negative feedback, we would be glad to accept our failure and learn from it. We are not afraid of criticisms and we always believe in the Japanese proverb “Fall down Seven times, stand up Eight”.

We are very sorry if there are any unpleasing incidents and please accept our apologies for the mistakes we have done. We understand that some of our store sales staffs are not very good at explaining to customers yet. We are training them from time to time, based also from the limited sales knowledge that we (as owners) have, so we can try to handle all customers correctly. Unfortunately, not anyone in the whole team has a profound knowledge on customer service. If we think we made a “sales mistake”, we try to analyze it and make a better way to close a deal.

Captain America (Avengers) Bongga Decoration Package at Wellcome Hotel

Captain America (Avengers) Bongga Decoration Package at Wellcome Hotel

Most likely, the only reason we continue to strive in this business is that our output products and services, speaks and sells for us. We are sorry if we do not have a strong frontline but we can assure you that our products are professionally and meticulously done.

Aside from our mental limitations when it comes to sales, we are also physically drained during weekends as most of the events such as birthdays and christening are transferred to a weekend. We usually work 3-4 hours more during weekends just to give a nicely done product to all the customers the following day.

Recently, we have been meeting with the whole team on a regular basis to discuss what needs to be done and improved. For example, we will be doing something about the sample balloon colors, which a number of customers are interested in when they visit the store. The initial plan is to make a folder that shows all of the balloon colors and its availability, as some of the colors, including mint green, peach and maroon are rare colors and are only available on some occasions.

When it comes to the party entertainers, we cannot easily give a go signal to customers, as all of the entertainers (clown, bubble show, magician, stilt walkers, acrobats, etc) are freelancers. Meaning, they are also contacts of other party shops. Perhaps, the good thing about us is that we limit only to a few contacts based solely on the feedback given by previous customers. We are more concerned on advertising our main products – which are the balloons, personalized desserts, giveaways, styro crafts and paper crafts (coming soon)- rather than the added services, which are out of our control. We apologize if our staffs do not explain this to you.

We have a website, FB page/messenger and other social media accounts, which you can access anytime anywhere and we prefer talking to you online because we can easily give you links to packages and sample photos of our decorations. If you are planning to avail our products and services in the future, you may just send a message on our official FB page ( and we will be glad to reply to you ASAP – meaning, after our decorations because we are also the ones personally delivering and decorating the balloons at the venue, at this time. Payments can also be done through bank transfer or money remittance, aside from going to our physical store.

Sofia the First Balloon Decors with Styro Arts at Happy Valley

Sofia the First Balloon Decors with Styro Arts at Happy Valley

Actually, it is a very rare occasion to get a feedback from our potential customers for a bad service. We are thankful to anyone who voiced it out and we encourage both existing and potential customers to tell us things that we need to improve. You can just email it to us at cebuballoons(at) or send it as private message on our FB page. Rest assured, we are taking negative comments into serious consideration and we are doing our best to improve gradually to please most, if not all customers in the future. We are also considering on getting a sales or customer support or customer service training very soon for the whole team so we will be strong in both frontline and final output.

Again, we are sorry for any negative incident. We encourage customers to tell us about it. Constructive criticism gives us more opportunities on improving our products and services. We can guarantee that we are doing our very best to improve continuously for the benefit of our customers and get a well-deserved compensation in return.

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